TricityFoodBlog is…

A food blog out of 3 cities – San Francisco, CA, Chicago, Il and Richmond, VA – of 4 good friends – Johana, Jane, Katie and Mark – who all once lived in the modest city of San Francisco.

We built an undeniable friendship based on adventurous cooking and TV (LOST) watching every week for the past several years. Now we live apart, in 3 different cities across the continent, but we hope to continue our journey on food through TricityFoodBlog.

We hope to share anything and everything related to food:
– ideas
– inspirations
– cooking
– recipes
– tips and tricks
– secrets
– comments or concerns
– challenges

Since the 4 of us come from very different backgrounds and now live in very different parts of the country, we hope to also share discoveries and experiments on diverse cultural and regional foods. Exciting!

Now let’s get blogging.
Residing city: Chicago, Il
Currently: Running the family-owned Italian restaurant, hence the move from SF.

Born in Paris, raised in Chicago, with Portuguese and French-Algerian blood running through, she can create the meanest (and longest) to-die-for Thanksgiving menu. The former snob-ptical shop employee moved 2 times zones away to pursue her culinary dream of running a hot, successful restaurant in her hometown.

Obsession: Mike Patton, Ill eyeglasses, Jack Daniels, Yung Joc Pandora station, Nike’s kept in boxes, technology, ok cupid

Residing city: San Francisco, CA
Currently: Working as a product designer for a design firm.

Born in Alabama, raised in Baltimore and Seoul, Korea, the 100% Korea blood inspires her to sometimes throw ridiculous going-away parties with a spread of Korean food. With the biggest kitchen space, she’s played host to most of our cooking endeavors, now is the primary host to TricityFoodBlog.

Obsession: iPhone 4, Bicycling in Marin, New Era hats, SF Giants, Shelby the mutt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Reality TV, Hip-Hop musica

Residing city: Richmond, VA
Currently: Starting grad program in healthcare administration at VCU, hence the move from SF.

Born and raised in Salisbury, North Carolina, this unique one proudly sports her thick NC accent with her uber-professional-stylish-uptown look with back-up sweatpants in her purse on food day. Having been the most trustworthy go-to-person for beer runs and bread & dip, now she’s 3 time zones away and being pretty much useless, yet is close to home and being studious which we support.

Obsession: Pimenna (pimento) cheese, Bread & dih-uup (dip), Cheer-waaahhhn (cheerwine), Shoppin’, Purdy thangs, Shitty rap, BBQ Pork show-der (shoulder)

Residing city: San Francisco, CA
Currently: Unemployed social worker who should be saving inner-city kids’ lives.

Born in Germany, raised all over the place and of Sicilian heritage, he’s the in-house pasta/pizzaiolo with a general knack for putting together weird combos and making it work. Besides being the instigator of adventurous food, having no problem hanging with all girlfriends in the kitchen makes him a special and necessary member to the club.

Obsession: Arby the “red” boston terrier, Bicycling, Walking, Hardcore, Groupon, Words with friends


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