C.America Part 4: Belize

Ok. We didn’t really explore Belize either but I wish we’d had more time to. We just stopped through Belize City on our way from Tikal, Guatamala to Cancun, Mexico. But since we did stop for a couple hours and had food I’d never had before for lunch… Belize gets a whole “part”.

We got to the bus station in Belize City to get on a bus that would take us to the Mexican border. We were hot and hungry from the bus we’d just gotten off of. We didn’t know what to expect… but Belize City was pretty interesting. A small but lively port city on the Caribbean coast, there was an undeniable presence of Black Caribbean culture, like in our lunch, coco(nut) rice with stewed chicken. I think it’s safe to say that this is considered a staple here and it was a must try.

Right outside of the bus station we found a stewed chicken cart. Dude had a huge pot of this stewed chicken and was fully in business.

You get coco rice, 2-3 pieces of stewed chicken, sauce drizzled over the rice, potato salad and a piece of fried banana. Then of course I had to find spicy things to pour on top of everything… I don’t know, some habanero chili sauce AND pickled habanero peppers and onions?

The old dude with the rasta hat watched me fuss with all the spicy stuff on the side of the cart and said to me all concerned, “ke-a ful! dis iz like Fye-ah!” So then I got scared that I overdid it… and had to pick up a drink to cool dat “Fye-ah!”. Belize’s Old Fashioned lemonade ginger ale. I’m still not sure if it was lemonade flavored ginger ale or ginger ale flavored lemonade. But man… what a perfect bus station meal. The chicken meat just fell off the bones as I picked up a piece and the coco rice all wet with that stewed chicken juice… wash down that habanero heat with a cold fizzy lemonade ginger ale lemonade. mmm.

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