C.America Highlight

Hi y’alls!
So I’m back from the trip and about to do a 5.5 part upload so I hope you’re ready for it..
I have to honestly say though, that in general the food was good but less than impressive. Expectedly a lot of, A LOT OF rice and beans and “fried” meat stuff dominated our diet with very limited fresh vegetables and so occasional fish and fruits had to suffice. Nonetheless we did hit some highs in street food – probably based on my biased opinion towards street food, but seriously, who doesn’t like good tasting food that’s cheap?
I’m so glad to be back home though where we often take our beautiful, abundant Californian produce for granted. With everything seen, tasted and learned on the trip, I’m inspired and excited to make some food and hopefully experiment with methods and ingredients that are new to me – also good opportunity for group challenges!! 😉
The upload will go down in chronological order of the trip, food first, then drinks and markets to follow if applicable. Enjoy!

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