C.America Part 2: Nicaragua

When we got to Nicaragua, we had the privilege of staying with a friend in San Juan Del Sur, another small beach town on the west coast, who had been living there for the past 5 years. It was about a week into our trip when we arrived in San Juan and I was just about getting sick of gallo pintos. Being a big surfer and tourist destination in Nicaragua, the town had plenty of good restaurants with fresh food but I was so delighted to have experienced… El Colibri. It was our last night in town, our friends Sam and wife Dana really treated us out to the best restaurant around. I was so impressed with their wholesome yet creative menu – I would have ordered everything if I’d had the stomach for it – and the food tasted amazing. Not to mention the cold pitcher of Sangria which was so complimentary to the food and the mood!Bruschetta and olive tapenade on corn-meal-y bread. yummy!

Menu said: Tenderloin pork cubes in tomato wine prune sauce served with broccoli potato purée.
What I got: Tender-loin swimming in perfectly reduced, tangy yet creamy tomato sauce over medium chunky mashed potato, light green in color from the broccoli. Pretty, Amazing.

Once we left San Juan, we headed to Ometepe, a big Island with 2 volcanoes in Lake Nicaragua. Beautiful but mildly populated which also meant limited food options. So we’re back to the modest gallo pintos. Although I actually did enjoy this meal, it ended up getting me pretty sick. Was it the gallo pinto? the mystery cheese cube? the eggs? or the hot sauce that I poured over every single thing on the plate?

After I got done being sick, we rented mountain bikes from the hotel and went on a ride around the volcanoes to Ojo de Agua, the hole of water!, where we got to wash off the 3 liters of sweat we made on the way there. And after swimming in the ojo, we rode down the street and sat down at a restaurant right by the lake.Um… I got fried chicken. I guess technically this would be called “fried chicken” as well. Wishing it could look more like KFC or Popeyes – pretty sad-, I still finish the mysteriously reddish “fried chicken” I got.

Here are some market shots from Granada, a Spanish colonial town by Lake Nicaragua.Meats next to fruits next to fish next to candies next to rat poison next to meats.

Fresh water crabs. cute.

Bulk spices and what look like ingredients for witchcraft. Of course Mikey had to spend about 10 minutes here, asking what every single thing is and carefully examining each bag.

hot looking chili peppers!

Stacks and stacks of fruit baskets.

Chicks on grains and dog food.

Nicaraguan beer: Toña, also time-sensitive upon opening. Recommended with salt and lime.

And I just want to add this intriguing arrangement I noticed at a gas station store.

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1 Response to C.America Part 2: Nicaragua

  1. troxie says:

    i love seeing the market and soda display through your eyes. you’re so rad!

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