C.America Part 1: Costa Rica

We spent most of our time in Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, a small beach town on the West coast. We were supposed to stay with our friend Tiffany from SF and we had no clue where she lived in town, because they have addresses like 10 meters up the hill from the super(market) Maya off the main road. Although there was only 1 main road, there were like 10 supermarkets in town and of course we forget which super… We leave a brief message on Tiff’s answering machine and sit down at a restaurant near super Ronny, hoping she could just come find us once she gets the message. So the first meal I get in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica looks like this.Not too bad! Except that I ordered beef. Why did I order beef after seeing the skinniest cows ever out the bus on the way to Santa Teresa for 3 hours, I don’t know. I was just very hungry. But besides the very tough steak that I couldn’t really chew through, the rice and beans, grilled onions, sauteed zucchini and cole slaw(?) were pretty satisfactory. For me, it was all the juices from the sautee, slaw and beans that seeped into the rice that made it. I’m not gonna lie, I love my rice. And Tiffany shows up before we’re even done with our meal! No complaints whatsoever.

The next day, we stroll over to Casa Zen where Tiffany works, a really cool, pretty place to stay right by the beach in Santa Teresa. We get some breakfast, with a typical Costa Rican gallo pinto which is rice with black beans… Here’s mikey’s breakfast since his looked prettier.Perfect breakfast before a day of good surfing in Costa Rica! which we would have done if the waves weren’t 6′ overhead. Hardy breakfast nonetheless.

For lunch, Tiffany’s roommate Ryan who owns Good Life Tattoo shop in town takes us to the “fish market” , a tiny shop that sells fresh local seafood and serves a few dishes cooked with it. I hesitantly put in an order of fish tacos with their gringo owner… and after sharing a pitcher of cold beer and Ryan setting up a fishing trip for the following morning with a local captain, I’m served with tacos as beautiful as they smell.Blocked by the sight of all that shredded cabbage was the perfectly seared, crispy tender fish, as well as the sauce that was lathered on the tortillas, a spicy aioli of sort, I’m guessing. Nonetheless, cleanly presented with pretty slices of lime and all… Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Lesson learned.

That night, we went over to Tiffany’s good friend Dave’s house and ordered pizzas and watched the Kardashians. I had never watched the Kardashians and it was weird to see them talk and move around instead of be frozen in pictures on celebrity gossip blogs. Also weird was getting pizza delivery to what looked like in the middle of some jungle. Tiffany had to give them Dave’s “address” which was something like, ’35 meters up from super Maya, across the small creek and the 5th house on the left, you’ll hear dogs barking’. Miraculously the pizzas show up before getting too cold! Tiffany ordered so I’m not sure what they were exactly but one was with arugula and the other was with fish. Fish pizza, again, weird, but I think I ended up eating like 6 out of 8 slices.

After a few reruns of the Kardashians and fish pizza debauchery – mostly executed by me – we get up at 5:30am the next morning for the fishing trip set up by Ryan. Ryan shows up with a local friend, double-fisting Imperials (beer) and not having slept all night. We pick up 2 other friends of Ryans who are visiting from Minneapolis, then drive 15 minutes south to Malpais, a small fishing village to meet up with the captain. I popped dramamines as did the boys just in case of sea sickness. Amused at how wasted the boys still were from partying all night, and feeling relatively confident about my current conditions I step into the captain’s modest boat. And boy, were the waves wild. Of course it is ONLY me that gets sick. And therefore no proof of being out at sea for 4 hours. I didn’t even get to hold the fishing pole, all I could hold onto was the side rim of the boat. Ryan almost fell over and into the sea about 4 times from being wasted, yet I was the only one that physically got sick. 😦 The boys ended up catching 1 big mackerel and 4 huge jack fish. When we came back to the shore, captain filleted all the fish for us to eat on the spot and to take home. And we ate very well that night. We had sashimi, ceviche, pan seared fish, and taco fixings. A pretty awesome way to close the Costa Rica chapter. Thanks to Tiff and Ryan!

Beers of Costa Rica:
Once you open it, key is to commit and pretty much drink it as fast as you can.

1. Pilsen

2. Imperial

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