Tractors & tacos

webb rd exit 70 off I-85

I have to set the mood for this next post……Above is a view from the highway of Mid South Tractor Company, my dad’s business. You can’t see all the good looking orange Kubota‘s in this shot, but they are definitely there.  For the last few months, my dad has been telling me all about his 2 new friends/business associates who have a taco truck.  On Saturday and Sunday, these 2 brothers from Guanajuato, Mexico set up their taco truck at the entrance of Mid South.  They always send my dad home with a few plates of food, kinda like paying rent.

The first weekend I was back home, my dad brought back 2 huge carna asada tortas and an al pastor plate.  I was so happy! Sadly, I don’t know of any taquerias in Salisbury and was excited to see some authentic Mexican food! So of course I had to see this taco truck in action…..

…..and I was not disappointed! Who knew that tractors and tacos could be such a lovely combination?!?! I ordered 2 al pastor tacos and Israel hooked me up with an extra chorizo & carne asada mix.  So good! I might just be able to make it back home in the south! I think all tractor stores should have a taco truck.

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2 Responses to Tractors & tacos

  1. Jane says:

    Amazing! I’m relieved to know that when i visit salisbury i won’t be the only non-white person. Culture is a beautiful thing. So are taco trucks. Btw, guatemala is pretty cool. Pretty pretty.

  2. troxie says:

    You still might feel a bit “different” in the bury, but then again so did I and I am pretty white…..I am jealous you’re in Guate! It is a fabulous country filled with awesome people and rad Mayan culture. My favorite is the men in their “traje” by the lake. And try to find some “pepian”, kinda like the Guatemalan version of mole, but not really like mole…..can’t wait to see your pics!

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