cajun filet biscuit combo w/tea

unwrapped cajun filet biscuit sandwich with seasoned fries and tea

I’m not embarrassed that this meal from Bojangles’ is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. It’s understood that the tea will be sweet. I know it’s processed fast food and greasy, but it’s comforting. This is part of my culture! And since there were no Bojangles’ in San Francisco, this is always a regular stop when I’m home.


The biscuit is flakey and tastes of butter. The spice from the fried chicken filet is the perfect filling. And those seasoned fries…’s so OK to lick your fingers! I know there’s more on the “menu”, but I never order anything else. Sometimes I have a Cheerwine instead of tea. It’s an instant hangover cure with the perfect blend of carbs, grease, and sugar.

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3 Responses to cajun filet biscuit combo w/tea

  1. Jane says:

    Hooooollllyyyyyy ssssshhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzz!

    Way to come in with a massive bang ms.troxie!!
    Love the first post. I can just hear you recite the post with that charming accent of yours!! Now i know that i know what Bojangles looks like i just need a taste for myself when i visit ya! Xo

  2. marcus says:

    Im a huge fan of bojangles. In rva, theres a “Mr Bojangles” statue of a man dancing in Jackson Ward. I think he’s so happy because he just ate a delicious meal of fried chicken.

  3. troxie says:

    Jane, we’ll make sure you get your fill of Bojangles’ on your trip to the south. You will remember it forever! Mark, I’ll have to check out the statue. I know I’m always happier after fried chicken 🙂

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