My first meal in Rome

Wow. All I can say is wow. I am alone in Roma for the day waiting for the Bolland fam and ask the concierge where I should eat….
It’s as though I’ve been led by a force because with no map and just walking down random streets I find ‘via di fontana’ and take a tiny elevator to the top floor of a boutique hotel where lies HighRes, Italian/japanese fusion…
Okay, since I don’t know how to comment on each pic here’s the rundown:
1) the view from my tavola
2) oh, just a pelligrino/missoni collabo. No bigs.
3) baby octopus and potato salad topped with a local olive tapenade. That fried thing is a squash blossom that they must have JUST picked, battered and fried.

4) I  couldn’t wait to eat this so here are the leftovers! This was taglioni with orange rind, aged ricotta and those tamarid looking numbers are bottarga of sea bream. The strangest combo but damned good!!

5) This is what you get when you say that you don’t want dessert in Italy. Note the 75% cacao. My favorite…



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1 Response to My first meal in Rome

  1. Jane says:

    A. Somebody tell me what bottarga of sea bream means? Is that some sort of sea monster meat?
    B. Pellegrino meets missoni, WHAT!?!? What are you, in Italy or something? Beauty.
    C. Really wish i could’ve seen that main course before it quickly entered your system. Too bad….
    D. Keep those posts coming. Love seeing what you’re eatin’! I dont have my iphone so i dont have direct access to photos… My uploads are to come but so far i can’t say that im too impressed with the C.American cuisine. But i also am not taking no elevators upto jap-fused ristorantes in a boutique hotel or anything so…
    E. Love you!!! And bon voyage!! Im currently staying at the bottom of an active volcano in Nicaragua… Fingers crossed that i don’t get bit by a scorpian tonight! Xo

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