Pizza time!!!

First off. Jojo and troxie. We miss you. WMY.

Mushrooms to be used in the fridge. So…. Pizza. Naturally. Mark has an idea, we pick up baby spinach, walnuts and feta cheese. With garlic we sautee the veggies, assemble and off into the oven. Since I picked up 2 things of dough and there’s bolognese sauce left over from last night, we put together the second pizza! Although Jojo is in my ear whispering ‘no more then 2 toppings’…. I proceed with sliced green bell pepper AND chopped basil on top of the meat sauce. The result? I don’t know…. Delicious? 😉

red pizza (bolognese, green bell pepper, basil and whatever cheese the fridge could provide – since this wasn’t really planned out….)

green pizza (mushroom, garlic, baby spinach, feta cheese and walnut) yum.


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3 Responses to Pizza time!!!

  1. marcus says:

    im glad i brought nothing home….. id be eating it right now

  2. troxie says:

    sad i missed this indeed, but will have to try the bolognese sauce at a later date. does this mean that sometimes jojo’s pizza rules can be broken!??!

  3. jane says:


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