Bibim gooksoo (spicy cold noodles)

My mom makes the bestest. I crave them so often… Well, last night I tried to recreate mom’s gooksoo (noodles) but bibim (spicy mixed) style like I like it instead of the traditional style with broth. It didn’t even come close to mom’s but it hit the spot nonetheless.

Spices and condiments: sugar, salt, sesame oil, red pepper powder, vinegar and sesame seeds.

Somen noodles.

Grated daikon (asian radish) mixed with the condiments and spices.

Cook the somen and wash with cold water.  Chop some green onions, lettuce and cucumber.

Mix with your hands (important!) the somen noodles, radish, green onions, sesame oil and sesame seeds – don’t be shy with the sesame stuff! Season to taste.

Plate the mixed noodles on a bed of lettuce, then top with cucumber and some dried seaweed flakes, sesame seeds. Drizzle some more of that sesame oil goodness. DONE!!

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